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Pole Line Hardware and Bucket Truck Tools

Full range pole line hardware and bucket truck tools


We are an authorized agent for Enerscan Engineering Incorporated.  EEI’s new products have grown with the significant advances in plastics and composite materials over the last two decades.  Where it makes sense, EEI replaces traditional materials such as metals with plastics and composites. The benefits are many, but include higher strengths and durability, weight, electrical and heat conductivity.   Further benefits can result from more modern design.



15 kV, 25 kV and 35 kV polyethylene (HDPE) insulators compliment our suite of products.

Bucket Truck Tools



Custom Product Development

Enerscan has a variety of products under development at present, most of which are following a rigid and thorough design – prototype – test – redesign system led by experienced, seasoned engineers.  The opinions and participation of the manufacturers of the resins are an part of the development process, to make sure we meet the highest standards for the life of the product under consideration.  All applicable standards (such as CSA, ANSI and others) as well as those imposed by current and prospective purchasers are established as fundamental design criteria.  In most cases we incorporate a further safety factor.  Testing is routinely performed by independent organizations such as the Nova Scotia Research Foundation Corporation, which is well versed in the type of testing required for these products.

Enerscan also undertakes product development on a custom and contract basis.